Training: Learn from the experts 

Acceleware offers industry leading training courses for software developers looking to increase their skills in writing or optimizing applications for highly parallel processing. The training focuses on using GPUs for computing and the associated popular programming languages. Acceleware also cooperates with the leading vendors of GPUs in creating the courses to deliver the best training experience possible. The courses are all taught by experienced programmers who provide real world experience, derived from Acceleware’s vast experience of building commercial GPU applications.


Upcoming Courses


Acceleware offers advanced CUDA training courses for NVIDIA GPUs delivered by the industry’s most experienced instructors. Since 2008, Acceleware has delivered detailed instruction to hundreds of programmers needing to achieve maximum performance from compute tasked GPUs. This is the industry leading course on GPU programming, available on-site or online! Unable to travel or in a different time zone? Contact our training manager for information on our published courses.


We recommend that the attendees have a background C/C++ (2 or more years) in order to get the most out of the course.

Attendees should be familiar with the following C/C++ concepts:

  • Pointers and pointer to pointers (*, **)
  • Taking the address of a variable (&)
  • Functions, for loops, if/else statements
  • Printing to standard output (printf, cout)
  • Memory allocation and deallocation
  • Arrays and indexing
  • Structures
  • General debugging 

Entirely Optional (but helpful!) experiences:

  • Multithreading
  • Optimization of programs
  • Low level programming (eg. assembly languages)
  • Familiarity with computer architectures


Online Course Requirements

In order to join the online training course a connection to Webex and Amazon Cloud is required. The course is offered using Webex and a remote connection to a GPU server. Remote connection options are Remote Desktop or SSH. Connections should be tested in advance prior to course.

Post Course Support

Once your training course is completed, you can expect to hear from us to offer our support as we want you to utilize the skills you have learned to your specific projects. We offer many different post course services, all of which will be customized to fit your requirements.

VIDEO: An Overview of GPU Computing



Acceleware offers advanced OpenCL training courses, available on-site or online! Clients can access our top-rated training on techniques for parallel programming in OpenCL specifically tailored for AMD GPUs and APUs. The courses are taught by experienced OpenCL programmers who have real world experience developing commercial applications using OpenCL.

OpenCL for Intel FPGAs


This professional 4-day course focuses on how to write and optimize OpenCL applications for Intel FPGAs. Students will be taught how to achieve high performance by taking advantage of the heterogeneous nature of OpenCL and the massively parallel capabilities of Intel FPGAs. The training is targeted at design teams who work with parallel algorithms and computationally intense applications, and is available on-site or online!

Private Training

Acceleware offers private training courses delivered on-site ay your company, anywhere in the world. Tailored to your specific needs Acceleware’s industry leading training will dramatically increase productivity and get you ahead of the game – fast! Let us do the work – all training materials, including individual laptops for the hands-on labs, are included! All you need to supply is a venue and the students.

Meet our Instructors

Acceleware prides itself on providing training instructors who offer real world experience. Our training instructors are Senior Acceleware Programmers who have been immersed in the HPC industry for many years. When they are not in the classroom they are developing high performance technical applications for Acceleware's commercial product lines as well as custom software development for our clients. Our instructors teach from experience and specialize in heterogeneous platforms and programming for multi-core CPUs, compute GPUs, FPGAs and Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors. They can answer the toughest of questions! Meet some of our talented staff, who like to teach.